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Sunday, July 31, 2022: We will worship at 11 am at First Baptist Church, 208 Academy Street, Canton, for a community Worship Service and Block Party with free food. Come be part of Canton! 

Our worship style is warm and intimate, with value placed on music and liturgy. After the benediction, people will often sit in their pews to listen as Jeff finishes playing his organ postlude, letting the majesty of the sound lift their spirits. 
You'll usually find the congregation dressed in something approximating business casual, but everyone should wear what makes them feel comfortable.
Children are welcome to stay in the worship service with their parents or guardians. We love the curiosity and participation of children in worship, and children and youth may read scripture and assist in other parts of the liturgy. 
The Lord's Supper is typically shared on the first Sunday of every month. To minimize the spread of covid, the Minister hands each worshipper a piece of bread, and they then are invited to drink from their individual cup of juice. Gluten-free bread is available. Anyone who seeks the Lord Jesus Christ is welcome to receive this sacrament.
We baptize infants during worship by sprinkling water from the font, as the congregation welcomes them into the family and fellowship of the church. (Adults are more than welcome to be baptized, but we recognize earlier baptisms and do not require another in order for an adult to join our membership.)
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